What to do if you’ve had an accident

What to do if you’ve had an accident

Even the most skilled and careful drivers have accidents.  If you have had an accident it is important to record the following information:-

  • Date, time and location of accident
  • the third party details – including their name, address, vehicle and licence plate, and insurance details

If the other driver will not exchange details:

  • make a note of the other vehicles licence plate
  • make a note of the driver so you can provide a clear description
  • obtain contact details of any witnesses that can support your claim
  • report the accident to the police within 24 hours.

It is important to lodge a police report if someone has been injured or killed and if the damage is greater than $3000.  Until you have obtained a quote for your repairs, it is best to assume that you may need to contact the police and record the above information just in case.

Having all the above information will help accelerate your insurance claim and ultimately, the repairs on your vehicle.

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