Our Easy 5 Step Repair Process

Our Easy 5 Step Repair Process

At Bunbury Automotive Spraypainters we have streamlined our repair process to get your vehicle back on the road fast!

Step 1 – Estimate & Assess

Once your vehicle has arrived at our yard, one of our staff will meet you to assess your vehicle. They will take photos and details of the damage, which is then entered into our computer system.  The cost of the repairs will then be estimated and a copy of the estimate and the photos will be sent to your nominated insurance company.

We can also assist you with your insurance claim to ensure it is processed quickly and with minimum fuss.

Please be aware, that extra damage is sometimes found once a vehicle has been dismantled for repairs.

Step 2 – Receive Insurance Approval

The assessor at your insurance company will then authorise your repairs, notifying both us and yourself.

Step 3 – Order parts & Dismantle your vehicle

At this point, we book your vehicle in and order the necessary parts.  Parts often come from outside WA and even overseas and this often causes the longest delay to your repairs.

Once your vehicle is dismantled, we will reassess for any further damage.  At this point, further parts will be ordered if needed and another delay in repairs may occur. Unfortunately, until a vehicle is dismantled, we can never be entirely sure of the actual damage and these delays cannot be avoided.

Step 4 – Repair your vehicle

From here our tradesman work quickly and professionally to complete the repairs, before painting and re-assembling your vehicle restoring it to it’s pre-accident condition.

Step 5 – Collect your vehicle

As soon as your vehicle is ready, we will contact you to collect it.

You will then be required to settle any excess or private accounts and then view your repaired vehicle.  Please feel free to ask any questions about the repairs.  Your keys will then be handed over so you can get back on the road!